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Xbox Series X restock update: Track on Twitter, Walmart, GameStop and more

A note on Xbox Series X restocks

Xbox Series X restock is incredibly difficult to pin down. Despite our best efforts to bring you timely updates, Tom’s Guide can’t guarantee you’ll be able to purchase an Xbox. Nevertheless, we are committed to bringing you up-to-the-minute information on all restocks as soon as they happen. 

Xbox Series X restock came back, albeit briefly. The Microsoft Store had limited restock of both Series X and Series S consoles on Tuesday. The stock of both console shifted very quickly, which indicated there’s no slowing down of appetite for the new Microsoft consoles. But it is also a tentatively hopeful sign that more restocks could be coming. 

To help you find Microsoft’s consoles, we’re tracking the latest Xbox Series X restock rumors, tips, and drops. We’ve also pulled together a list of U.S. retailers so you have a one-stop shop for finding where to buy the Xbox Series X and Series S.   

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