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PS5 Game Boost vs Xbox Series X FPS Boost: which plays your old games best?

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X placing a greater emphasis on improving old games, both Microsoft’s FPS Boost and Sony’s Game Boost have been revolutionary in enhancing older games. Consumers can expect a larger library of improved experiences, some of which could be transformative depending on the game.  

On Xbox, the first two batches showed promise, especially considering it required little-to-no developer intervention. Unfortunately, the third batch of 74 games highlighted the feature’s limitations, often requiring dramatic resolution and settings sacrifices to boost performance. While Sony doesn’t have this feature, it has been rolling out framerate patches to PS4 games running under a backwards compatibility layer. This approach has its own drawbacks, however, limiting the number of games consumers can expect. Given the two different approaches to boosting last-gen games, how do the PS5 and Xbox Series X compare in performance? 

Examining Xbox Series X FPS Boost

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