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Sony PSVR Spotlight offers no PSVR 2 details, but plenty of VR game first looks

Full list of upcoming PSVR games

• Sniper Elite VR
• Wonderer
• Fracked
• After the Fall
• Winds & Leaves
• Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey
• Arashi: Castles of Sin

Even though Sony has already started to tease PSVR 2 for PS5, the company is still committed to its aging VR headset released back in 2016. To that end, Sony has unveiled seven new PSVR titles, some of which will see a release later this year.

Sony’s PSVR Spotlight, held yesterday (June 3), shared details about a wide variety of games. While some were announced prior to the show — such as Rebellion’s stealth-based FPS Sniper Elite VR and M-Theory’s adventure game Wanderer — Sony made sure to offer up new details and trailers for these multiplatform titles. 

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