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Leaked Battlefield 6 reveal trailer wasn’t supposed to be seen by the public

A series of leaked Battlefield 6 screenshots, assumed to be from the upcoming reveal trailer, were actually taken from a video designed solely for internal use.

Eurogamer has corroborated reports that the video was never meant to be seen by the public. Of course, thanks to multiple leaks, almost the entire trailer has been stitched together and made watchable in .gif form (if you can tolerate the annoying watermark). But, again, this video was never planned to be released in an official capacity. 

This report confirms information from reputable Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson. He stated that the reveal trailer, which is due out next month, would be a different video from the one that has been circulating online for the last couple of weeks. 

(Image credit: DICE)

These leaked screenshots do confirm that the game will have a modern-day/slightly futuristic setting, which would be a significant change-up from the previous two entries in the series which focused on World War I and World War II respectively. Furthermore, the leak also looks to have backup a rumor that the game would drop the number from its title and just be called Battlefield. 

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