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Far Cry 6 to bring back some wackiness to the series

Far Cry 6 takes inspiration from real world history, especially the caribbean island nation of Cuba. For example, the concept of resolvér, or making do with what’s available, has become mythicism for outside observers. Tourist shops in Havana have capitalized on this enchantment, selling wooden models of classic Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs. For Cubans, resolvér is a point of pride for a country defined by international sanctions. But to paint the country as a wily group of tinkerers is a disservice to how hard Cubans have worked to bring in materials from the outside world. 

This subtle discrepancy is a fine line that Far Cry 6 lead game designer David Grivel must walk. Ubisoft has just unveiled a trove of new footage from the game. In it, players will be able to utilize weapons made with all sorts of mishmashed parts from the 1960s. It’s definitely an exaggeration of a Cuban habit, but for a video game, it serves its purpose.  

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