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Overwatch 2 — 2 hours of gameplay footage doesn’t answer biggest question

Overwatch 2 is in the works — and sometimes, it feels like that’s all we know about the game. Blizzard has been fairly cagey about the multiplayer shooter sequel, revealing a handful of characters and screenshots, and not much else. However, thanks to a recent livestream, you can now watch two-and-a-half hours of Overwatch 2 gameplay. And if that sounds like too big of a time sink, the biggest takeaway is Overwatch 2 divides players into teams of five, rather than teams of six like its predecessor.

The livestream debuted on Blizzard’s official YouTube channel, and it’s still there, if you want to watch it. Overwatch personalities Matt “Mr. X” Morello and Mitch “Uber” Leslie hosted both Blizzard developers and popular Twitch streamers, who showed off a variety of Overwatch 2 maps, characters and gameplay features.

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