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Walmart has PS5 in stock for $1,077 — do not buy

It’s been a rough month for PS5 restock. But no matter how scarce consoles get, here’s a friendly reminder to always buy from retailers and avoid third party resellers at all costs. Oftentimes, they inflate the PS5’s price to an almost laughable amount. 

Over at Walmart, third party reseller Nationwide Distributor — which has an 81% positive rating — has a PS5 console on sale for $1,077. That beats the absurd $1,059 PS5 console we saw at Newegg not too long ago. It goes without saying, we don’t recommend paying this much for Sony’s console as you’d be paying $578 over the actual retail price. 

(Image credit: Future)

Yes, we all want a new PS5, but overpaying by that much is just ridiculous. It also encourages other third party resellers to follow suit. To be fair, third party sellers are allowed to sell at other major retailers like Amazon and Newegg. However, shoppers should avoid these resellers at all costs. 

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