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Xbox Game Pass on Switch? Epic v. Apple trial says it’s possible

Xbox Game Pass is currently one of the best values in console gaming, offering hundreds of games for a flat subscription fee. You can play those games on an Xbox console; you can play them on a gaming PC; thanks to a recent beta, you can even play them on a Web browser or on iOS. A recent document suggests that Xbox Game Pass could even wind up on the Nintendo Switch — and the games industry could look very different over the next few years, if that’s true.

Information comes from Stephen Totilo, a journalist for Axios, who tweeted an excerpt of a document from the ongoing Epic v. Apple lawsuit. Since neither Microsoft nor Nintendo is on trial here, it may seem a bit odd to hear about those two companies during the proceedings. However, the Epic v. Apple trial has far-reaching consequences for the industry in general, especially since it touches on digital game purchase platforms and royalty structures in general.

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