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Mario Golf: Super Rush release date, speed golf, roster, trailer and more

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the first time we’ve seen Mario pick up a set of clubs since 2014. The Mario Golf series has had something of a cult following among Nintendo fans, thanks to its tight gameplay, colorful aesthetics and dalliances with RPG features. There’s also something inherently appealing about the wacky cast of Mario characters invading the somber, self-serious world of golf.

In any case, Mario Golf: Super Rush is an upcoming Nintendo Switch title. It’s the first game in the series since Mario Golf: World Tour on the 3DS seven years ago. Since the game will be out very soon, we know a lot of details, including its release date, its cast of characters and more. A recent trailer has shown off what fans can expect, from the roster of playable heroes, to the game’s innovative and chaotic Speed Golf mode.

Here’s what you need to know about Mario Golf: Super Rush’s release date, characters, trailer and more.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Mario Golf: Super Rush: Release date 

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