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FF7 Remake is a timed PS5 exclusive — here’s how long Xbox and PC players have to wait

Earlier this year, a next-gen version of Final Fantasy VII Remake was announced during Sony’s PS5 State of Play livestream. And now it’s been confirmed as a PS5 console exclusive for its first six months on the market. 

This PS5 edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is a refreshed version of the PS4 re-imagining of the 1997 classic JRPG, is launching alongside a new expansion called Intergrade. The expansion will be bundled together with the next-gen port in the aptly titled Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. 

When Final Fantasy VII Remake was first released on PS4 in April 2020, it was confirmed that the game would be solely on PlayStation for at least one year. So naturally many assumed that the remake would come to PC and Xbox platforms this spring. But it would appear that Sony has managed to top-up its exclusivity deal by a further six months based on a splash screen from the game’s final trailer. 

(Image credit: Sony)

With the PS5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the Intergrade expansion, due to launch on June 10, this means the title will only be playable on PlayStation hardware until January 2022 at the earliest. By that point, any PC or Xbox player who have patiently waited 18 months while avoiding spoilers deserve some kind of medal. 

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