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96% of iOS 14.5 users are opting out of ad tracking — how you can do it, too

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had ample concern about Apple’s push to allow users on iOS 14.5 to opt out of tracking. That’s because new research shows that 96% of iPhone users with iOS 14.5 have been preferring not to enable tracking. And for a company like Facebook, which makes money primarily through ads, not knowing what people are searching for when on their phones means less data to link advertiser to potential customer.  

Indeed, only around 4% of US iPhone owners have agreed to let apps like Facebook, Instagram and others access their Identifier for Advertisers tag (IDFA). That’s according to Flurry Analytics (owned by Verizon). The picture changes a little when the rest of the world is factored in, with roughly 12% of people giving apps permission to track their habits. 

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