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Xbox Series X adds FPS Boost for 70 more games

The Xbox Series X is big on backwards compatibility. While the system still doesn’t really have a system-selling exclusive title, Microsoft has done a ton of work to ensure that Xbox One games run better than ever before, especially when it comes to frame rate. Today (May 3), Microsoft added a whopping 70 new titles to its FPS Boost program, which lets older games run at up to 120 frames per second on Xbox Series X — and, occasionally, on Xbox Series S as well.

Information comes from Microsoft’s Major Nelson blog, where longtime Xbox spokesman Larry Hryb discussed the new additions to the FPS Boost roster. The bulk of the blog post is the same as it was back in February: namely, information on what FPS Boost is, and how to activate it. But as of today, the Xbox Series X supports 97 FPS-boosted titles, compared to 27 earlier this year.

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