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The best turntables in 2021

If there’s one thing the best turntables demonstrate, it’s that vinyl is the music storage format that refuses to die. It’s closing in on its 75th birthday and has seen off more attempts to nail down the lid of its coffin than Dracula… and yet vinyl remains in the rudest of health. Sure, it’s convenient to stream music with one of the best Bluetooth speakers, but music lovers are still embracing the tactile and sonic pleasures of the vinyl and record companies are releasing high-quality, heavyweight pressings of albums old and new on an almost daily basis.

This resurgence in popularity has, naturally, been reflected in the market for record players. From dirt-cheap turntables-in-a-suitcase all-in-ones to witheringly expensive audiophile alternatives, from sleek wireless Bluetooth devices to hands-on fully manual operators, your turntable options are more numerous than they’ve ever been. 

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