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GTA 5 Online is the worst game ever and I can’t stop playing it

The high of robbing a casino is really quite remarkable, as long as you follow the instructions. Enter through the rear-facing staff entrance and make sure to disable the metal detectors with a stun gun, then shoot the two staff members inside while they’re engrossed in thought. Thankfully, one of my accomplices remembered to take out the security camera before I fired my suppressed handgun. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has the distinction of being one of the games I hate the most, while simultaneously loving so much of it. Rockstar has done an amazing job with this game, both with the single-player campaign and the online portion. As it rushes toward it’s ninth birthday, I remain impressed by the design of the map which accommodates as many as 30 people in a session and can be traversed by both car, helicopter and flying jet bike. Or, if you have infinite patience, circumnavigated in a boat of some kind. 

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