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Google update makes planning your post-COVID vacation stress-free

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are starting to roll out, the prospect of going on vacation is becoming a reality again. To help plan your next trip, Google has rolled out a new update to its Travel page that will give you all of the information you need about any travel restrictions you need to take into consideration. 

The new tools were announced in a blog post in response to the uptick in searches for travel-related information, including ‘travel restrictions’, as well as ‘where to travel.’ So when you’re perusing information on flights, hotels, and activities, Google will give you a heads up on any restrictions in place, as well as any relevant COVID-19 travel advice you need to be aware of. 

(Image credit: Google)

That includes details on whether you need to quarantine on arrival at your destination of choice, and if you need to provide evidence of being vaccinated or of a negative COVID result. It’ll also let you know if travel between your local area and your destination is completely prohibited, so you won’t waste time planning for a trip that you can’t actually go on. 

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