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Drag-and-drop website builders: What are they and why are they popular?

A drag-and-drop website builder is a powerful tool that allows you to design and publish custom websites in a matter of minutes. While there is a variety of such tools available in the market, the best website builders feature an interactive website editor, a content management system, and often also an ecommerce platform. 

What makes drag-and-drop website builders popular? Mostly, it’s the ability to design websites without the need to learn to code. HTML and CSS are powerful coding languages that allow you to design stunning websites, but learning to use them can be a tedious process. A drag-and-drop website builder takes care of all the code for you as you design your website using a simplified visual interface.

What are drag-and-drop website builders?

Shopify and Wix are two examples of website builders employing drag-and-drop (Image credit: Wix, Shopify)

Website builders are tools that allow you to create entire websites by dragging and dropping basic elements like text, images, forms, and buttons. You can choose from hundreds of pre-built layouts, usually called themes or templates. With a good website builder like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace, each layout is unique and professionally designed, offering further customization through a drag-and-drop interface.

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