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Android 12 could get this long-time Windows and MacOS feature

Google is toying with introducing a trash bin to Android 12, giving smartphones a feature that Windows and Mac devices have long had.

A universal folder for deleted files has been part of desktop computing for decades. Mac fans will be familiar with the Trash logo in the dock, while Windows users have had a Recycling Bin icon on their desktop since Windows 95. These folders provide a sort of ‘waiting room’ for deleted files, to ensure you really don’t need them before they’re gone forever. Now, by digging into the latest Developer Preview code for Android 12, XDA Developers’ Zachary Wander was able to enable a feature that would let Android users manage a list of pre-deleted files. 

As you can see from the image below, Trash on Android gives you a summary of how many gigabytes of data are in this limbo state, and will then give you the option to empty it, deleting the contents forever. 

(Image credit: XDA Developers)

Currently, the ability to restore these deleted files doesn’t seem to be present, but it’s possible that something like this will follow.  

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