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Windows 10 design improvement leaked — here’s the new look

We’ve long heard rumors about the Windows 10 Sun Valley update and its apparent redesign of the OS; Microsoft itself even accidentally revealed some mockup designs last year. Now, we have what appears to be a genuine screenshot of the new Windows 10 design in action.

Windows Latest found the image, apparently posted in a since-deleted tweet by an unnamed Microsoft employee, which shows the Windows Terminal app with rounded corners. That’s one of the UI improvements hinted at by previous leaks.

While Windows Terminal is hardly the most eye-catching of Windows apps, this screenshot does show how the relatively small step of rounding off window corners can make the whole screen seem cleaner and softer.

(Image credit: Windows Latest)

It also confirms that the rounded edges previously seen in Microsoft’s mockups — like the Wi-Fi settings window design below — are here to stay, at least in the version that the Windows employee was using.

These mockups also show a slightly more minimalist design, with stronger elements of translucent effects. These aren’t really visible in the Windows Terminal screenshot but if this Windows 10 redesign is staying true to the mockups, you can probably expect the same kinds of changes in the finished Sun Valley update.

Windows 10 Sun Valley leak

(Image credit: Windows Latest)

Microsoft was recently hiring for a Senior Software Engineer to help with, according to the job posting, a “a sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows experiences” — so as nice as rounded corners look, it’s unlikely to be the only big UI change.

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