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Keurig Coffee Maker Buying Guide: Affordable to Deluxe Models

The best Keurig coffee makers can not only offer the convenience of a pod coffee machine, but also a wide range of flavors and strengths from the vast supply of K-Cup pods on the market. In just a couple of minutes, a Keurig coffee maker brews a single cup of coffee, ideal if everyone in your household is in a hurry and on a different schedule. There’s a minimal amount of waiting for your morning mug, no messy drips on the countertop, and you won’t find yourself pouring half a pot down the drain. A Keurig works with pods containing a variety of brands and types of coffee as well as tea, cider and hot chocolate, so it’s also great if everyone in the family prefers a different beverage. 

Not only that, but with the move to recyclable K-Cup pods, the effect on the environment is being minimalised all the time as well. However, it’s still a consideration and you’ll still need to find environmentally friendly pods to reduce your footprint. There are, also a few other downsides to the speed and convenience of a Keurig coffee maker. The coffee may be weaker than what you’ll get with the best coffee makers and the best espresso machines, and the pods themselves range from about 60 to 80 cents each, making them far more expensive than ground coffee. 

However, with easy cleaning and a no fuss approach to your morning coffee, there are plenty of reasons to check out the best Keurig coffee makers available.

(Image credit: Keurig)

1. Keurig K-Classic

Keurig’s best-selling, no fuss coffee maker

Reservoir Capacity: 48 ounces | Size: 13.3 x 13 x 9.8 inches | Features: Brews 6-, 8- and 10-ounce cups; Automatic shut-off (2 hours)

Reservoir can be filled at the sink

Can be used with reusable coffee filter

Makes three serving sizes

Automatic shut-off

Largest serving size is 10 ounces

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