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Smyths Toys may have PS5 restock tonight — here’s what we know

PS5 restocks have definitely been more common in recent weeks, but nevertheless securing a console still requires lighting-fast fingers and a dose of good fortune. Therefore, knowing which retailer is expected to drop PS5 stock next can give you a serious advantage over the competition. 

According to @PS5UKStock, one of the UK’s biggest PS5 stock tracking accounts, Smyths Toys looks to be the next retailer that will be dropping stock, and it could happen as early as tonight (March 31). 

PS5: £449 @ Smyths Toy
Sony’s next-generation PlayStation is a powerful console in a slick design. Offering the ability to play the latest games in the 4K at 60 fps, it’s no wonder that buying one has been quite a challenge since launch. Smyths Toys is expected to have stock as early as tonight. View Deal

PS5 Digital Edition: £359 @ Smyths Toys
The PS5 Digital Edition is pretty much exactly what the name suggests, a PS5 console designed exclusively for digital games. That means the 4K Blu-ray drive has been nixed, but in return, you’re saving £40. Is that a trade-off worth making? That’s for you to decide.
View Deal

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