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Livedrive for Business vs Egnyte Business vs Box for Business

There are numerous business cloud storage options on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. And it’s extremely important to spend some time researching the different options, because choosing the best cloud storage will help you streamline daily business processes by enabling secure data storage via the cloud. 

Three popular business cloud storage options are Livedrive for Business, Egnyte Business, and Box for Business. In this article, we compare the features, performance, support, prices, and other aspects of these providers to help you determine which, if any, are the best choice for your business. 


Egnyte is backed by advanced, enterprise-level cloud storage features (Image credit: Egnyte)

Livedrive, Egnyte, and Box all come with a suite of business-specific features designed to streamline workflows and optimize cloud storage efficiency. These include expected features such as straightforward file storage and backup, along with more specialized functionalities targeted at specific use cases. 

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