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Google Pixel 5a design may have just leaked — thanks to this accessory

A fresh Google Pixel 5a leak is doing the rounds, and this one is thanks to a screen protector being spotted in the wild. 

The design of this screen protector matches up perfectly with the previously leaked renders of the phone. Which is a good sign that both could be legitimate.

The screen protector suggests that the Pixel 5a will have thin bezels around the phone screen, though the bottom bezel will be slightly thicker, likely to account for the charging port and speakers. 

(Image credit: Leakspinner)

A small cutout hole can be observed in the top left corner of the screen protector. This would of course be for the front-facing camera. Again, it syncs up with the leaked renders, giving us increased confidence that this is in fact what the Pixel 5a will look like.

Google Pixel 5a front and back above and below

(Image credit: Steve Hemmerstoffer/Voice)

The other detail of note on this screen protector is the small, but noticeable, cutout located along the top bezel. This would almost certainly be for the earpiece at the top of the device.

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