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Cloud storage for business: 10 benefits your competitors already enjoy

Cloud storage technology has come a long way in recent years, and today most businesses use cloud storage for some or all of their storage needs. Some of the most popular platforms include Microsoft OneDrive, NextCloud, and pCloud. 

In this article, we outline ten benefits that your competitors using a cloud storage platform are already enjoying. After reading, if you’re convinced that it’s time to invest in cloud storage for your business, check out our buying guide to the best cloud storage platforms. 

1. Data encryption

Microsoft’s OneDrive Vault provides the ultimate level of security for sensitive business documents (Image credit: Microsoft)

Almost all cloud storage platforms now provide some type of encryption as a standard feature, included in all plans. The most common type is 256-bit AES encryption in transit and at rest. This is adequate for all but the most high-security organizations, and will make it nearly impossible for unauthorized persons to decrypt your data if they obtain it. 

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