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The smartest TV tech of the year? Samsung’s new solar remote

The best changes to tech usually aren’t big, innovative leaps. There are big, dramatic changes to tech, but when you’re looking at consumer products with a yearly product cycle, those sorts of attempts at major innovation are just as likely to fizzle as they are to make a meaningful impact. 

Iterative tweaks, on the over hand, can yield small, but lasting changes. It’s usually in smaller adjustments that a product gets fine-tuned, progressing from “good” to “great” a few tweaks at a time. And my favorite small change so far in 2021 has to be Samsung’s Solar Cell Remote, the solar-powered remote control that will be included with the new Samsung Neo QLED TVs. It’s not just my favorite thing from Samsung’s 2021 TV lineup, it might be the smartest change to TVs all year.

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