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This ‘zero-lag’ soundbar could be the perfect PS5 companion

Canadian audio specialist Bluesound announced its new Pulse Soundbar Plus this week, promising audiophile-friendly features like Dolby Atmos and support for 24-bit Hi-Res Audio formats. But while the company boldly claims the Pulse Soundbar Plus “is to audio what the 8K TV is to video,” there are other tricks that might endear the new soundbar to a much wider audience upon its April release.

We’re particularly interested in what Bluesound calls “zero-lag” performance, courtesy of a customized ARM Cortex A53 chip that processes audio up to 8 times faster than previous Bluesound soundbars. This could make the Pulse Soundbar Plus a fine match for games consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, where out-of-sync audio can really spoil the fun.

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