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iPhone 12 Pro vs. iPhone X: The biggest changes to Apple’s flagship

For a phone that caused a lot of chatter when it debuted back in 2017, you don’t hear much about the original iPhone X these days. Maybe that’s because the once radical design has appeared on six iPhone models since the iPhone X’s debut — and that’s before Apple introduced another four models under the iPhone 12 name. Or maybe because after a spate of iPhone X imitators, Android phone makers moved on to other designs that didn’t use an X-style notch.

Most likely, though, it’s because the iPhone X is now up there in smartphone years, even with people holding on to their phones longer than ever. It’s a good thing, then, that we have all those new iPhones, highlighted by the iPhone 12 Pro. This latest iPhone is one of the best phones out there and it’s every bit as radical as the iPhone X once was.

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