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DIY smart home: Why I chose a smart thermostat under $100

DIY smart home

This story is part of an ongoing DIY smart home series. Be sure to check out the latest installments to follow the renovation process from start to finish.

I’ll admit, as someone who reviews many of the best smart home devices, I can be a little pretentious when it comes to picking out products for personal use. Naturally, I want the top pick any given category has to offer, and I’m willing to spend what it takes to get them. 

But when it comes to my ongoing DIY smart home renovation, I’ve had to be more practical. With the expenses incurred for all new cabinetry, updated appliances, and reframing our 1980’s galley kitchen into an open space, I’m bound to a budget. And one of the devices I’m spending less on is a smart thermostat. 

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