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Where to play every Legend of Zelda game

It’s time to celebrate The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary, which means it’s the perfect excuse to replay some of our favorite games from the series. There’s only one problem: Not counting re-releases, there are almost 20 mainline Zelda games, scattered across more than 10 Nintendo consoles. Unless you’ve been collecting them since the very beginning, tracking down these games today is not easy.

As such, I’ve looked into every Zelda game, and every platform in which Link has donned the green tunic. Nintendo has re-released many (though not all) of the Zelda games on modern consoles, and many are relatively easy to find, even if not at cheaper prices you might expect. For purposes of this article, I consider the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS to be “modern” consoles, even though Nintendo stopped producing games for the parallax-3D handheld. Bear in mind that I also haven’t listed every single re-release, just the most recent ones.

Still, with those two consoles alone, you can play almost half of the Zelda library, and that’s not too shabby. For every other game, I’ve listed the most recent console on which you can play it — although in some cases, these “recent” consoles are still pretty old. Read on to find out where to play every Legend of Zelda game.

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The Legend of Zelda (1986)

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