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DIY smart home: Why I bought a wine fridge — and you should, too

If there’s anything my pandemic lifestyle has taught me, it’s the value of fine wine. While many were nursing a sourdough starter, my family and I took to tasting (erm, chugging) squished fermented grapes as a pastime. So when planning out our DIY smart home renovation, we decided the project wouldn’t be complete without a wine fridge.

DIY smart home

This story is part of an ongoing DIY smart home series. Be sure to check out the latest installments to follow the renovation process from start to finish.

Although we skipped on smart appliances, a wine fridge offers special benefits to any wine drinker, from the casual sipper to the total oenophile. It’s not ‘smart’ in the sense that it has Alexa built in, but with features like customizable temperature zones, LED lightning, child locks, vibration control and more, a wine fridge is a smart investment.

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