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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 switching from Tizen to WearOS would be a disaster — here’s why

With all due respect to my colleague Kate, who argues that Samsung switching from Tizen to Wear OS for its Galaxy Watch 4 would be a game-changer, I’m here to tell you that such a move would be a disaster and ruin all that’s special about Samsung smartwatches.

First, let’s take a look at market share. According to Canalsys, in the first half of 2020, Samsung’s smartwatches accounted for roughly 12 percent of the entire smartwatch market. It came in third to Apple (36%) and Huawei (14%), the latter spurred by sales in China. All others — which includes all Wear OS watches — made up a combined 22% of the market, behind both Garmin and Fitbit. 

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