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Forget iPhone 13: This killer upgrade will blow Android phones away

The iPhone 13 is rumored to have a 120Hz display, but it could see even higher refresh rates.

While it’s not guaranteed yet, future iPhones could get up to a 240Hz refresh rate on their displays. That’s double what today’s top phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 can manage, which is why we’re excited to see what Apple has planned.

The details come from a patent filed by Apple with the USPTO and recently discovered by Patently Apple. It specifically mentions the technology’s use on iPhones, but also refers to the iPad, Apple Watch, headsets, TVs or even a headset or automobile. Perhaps those last two refer to the Apple Glasses and Apple Car, respectively.

This illustration from the patent filing demonstrates how circuitry under the screen would be arranged. (Image credit: USPTO)

We have been eagerly awaiting Apple to up the refresh rate on its iPhones. The iPad Pro has had ProMotion 120Hz displays available since 2017, and rival phones like the Galaxy S21 or OnePlus 8 Pro already have 120Hz screens. The iPhone 12 line looked like it was going to get 120Hz too until a couple of months before launch, when its impact on battery life apparently caused Apple to switch back to 60Hz.

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