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PS5 restock update — this scalping ban is gaining traction

Ever since the PS5 and Xbox Series X debuted, both have been plagued with stock shortages. While many were due to outrageous customer demand and an inability to keep up with eager buyers, there was (and still is) another culprit to blame for a continued lack of consoles: scalpers.

As soon as PS5 systems come into stock, it seems they disappear as readily. All across the world, these systems are being scooped up for retail value and then resold at a premium through marketplaces like eBay and other venues. It’s become a major problem for consumers, who just want to be able to purchase a system without having to pay double or triple its worth. In fact, a recent analysis revealed scalpers had ended up claiming about 10-15% of all consoles for sale in recent months. 

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