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iPhone SE Plus (iPhone SE 3): Release date, price, size, specs and leaks

The iPhone SE Plus/iPhone SE 3 could be the budget big-screen phone you’ve been waiting for. But will it be more than just a jumbo sized iPhone SE 2020? And how long might you have to wait? From what we’re hearing, an iPhone SE Plus could be on the way, and some in the rumor mill are calling it the iPhone SE 3.

According to one reputable analyst, Apple will release an iPhone SE Plus during the second half of 2021 —  so well after the iPhone 12’s launch. Here’s what we’ve heard so far about the iPhone SE Plus and what we’d like to see.

iPhone SE Plus release date

(Image credit: Hubert Jarechowicz/ConceptsiPhone)

A report in Gizchina citing JP Morgan Chase says that Apple has plans to release an iPhone SE 3 this year with a 6.1-inch display, which would ostensibly be the same thing as the iPhone SE Plus. 

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