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I ditched Google Pixel 4 for Samsung Galaxy S21 — what I like (and hate)

As far as we’re concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is a hit, so I decided to put my trusty Pixel 4 XL to rest and take up the S21 Plus as my new daily driver. Though I plan to use my iPhone 12 also, Android works better for me and my needs. Still, I hesitated about going all in with Samsung.

See, I’ve used Nexus, OnePlus, and Pixel phones for years. I’ve reviewed others from the likes of Asus and Huawei, but I always come back to Google or OnePlus for my personal device. Samsung has usually rubbed me the wrong way, especially back in the days of its old Android skin called TouchWiz. To be honest, the last phone I used regularly from the Korean phone maker was the Galaxy S5, which first debuted in 2014.

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