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What is Wi-Fi 6E: Routers, devices and how it’s better than Wi-Fi 6

Just when you got used to Wi-Fi 6 being the best way to build a home network, Wi-Fi 6e arrives with the power to change the way you think about and use wireless data. By adding a new 6GHz transmission band and opening up a slew of high-performance data channels, Wi-Fi 6e can boost data delivery to new levels but it suffers from limited range.

What is Wi-Fi 6e?

Based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11ax specification, Wi-Fi 6e opens up 1.2GHz of high frequency spectrum from 5.925- to 7.125GHz for moving huge gobs of data. This makes it the biggest addition to Wi-Fi since the original 802.11b gear came out more than 20 years ago.

(Image credit: Netgear)

“This is a gigantic leap forward for Wi-Fi,” says Kevin Robinson, senior vice president for marketing at the Wi-Fi Alliance. “It pushes performance to the limit and can help enable new uses.” In addition to all-out online gaming and more easily viewing 8K online videos, Wi-Fi 6e can help keep videoconferencers from staring at frozen faces and opens up new vistas in telemedicine as well as augmented and virtual reality.

Wi-Fi 6 vs. Wi-Fi 6e

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