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Best 85-inch TVs in 2021

There are big TVs and then there are really big TVs: if you’re ready to go all in on a big TV, you want one of the best 85-inch TVs. Whether it’s for watching the big game or you want your movie experience to feel more like being in the theater, an 85-inch TV will blow you away — if you pick the right one. 

While not as common as 65-inch or 75-inch TVs, the best 85-inch TVs tend to come with flagship features, such as high-dynamic range (HDR) for great contrast and color and 120Hz refresh rates for crisp motion. They all include smart platforms, with apps for your favorite streaming services so you don’t need a separate streaming device. And while 85-inch TVs tend to be more expensive than their smaller siblings, you can sometimes find a great deal to make it worth it. 

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