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Stunning quad-curved waterfall phone makes Samsung Galaxy S21 look boring

Xiaomi’s new “quad-curved waterfall display” is the future of smartphone design. At least according to Xiaomi.

The screen on its new concept phone wraps almost the whole way around the sides of the handset. Aside from looking spectacular, It results in a “port-free unibody design,” which also means no buttons and no ports. It’s enough to make even excellent phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 look old fashioned.

There are still bezels, however. You can see the display’s edges don’t quite meet at the corners from these renders and in the video. It’s similar to how the  Huawei P40 Pro managed its own quad-curve display, albeit to a less extreme degree.

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi is quite proud of this curved display, achieved over thousands of iterations according to its press release, and with the help of “self-developed glass processing equipment, hot bending under 800°C high temperature and pressure, four different polishing tools and up to more than ten complex polishing procedures.”

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