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How to watch the Star Wars movies in order and in 4K HDR

Learning how to watch the Star Wars movies in order is far easier than any of the Jedi training that Luke, Anakin or Rey ever endured. Now that you can just log onto Disney Plus, where they’re all streaming in gorgeous 4K HDR, you’ll never need to worry about finding old DVDs. But since there’s only one version of the films on the House of the Mouse, there’s something to be said for owning your media.

So, now that it’s easy to watch them all, we’ve put together a big guide to explain the multiple ways to watch the Star Wars movies, in orders that vary depending on your experience. We’ve also got details on how the non-mainline Star Wars movies (and TV series) fit in. And it’s normal to need help, as the Skywalker Saga’s three distinct trilogies were released in a non-chronological manner, making the proper Star Wars viewing order possibly a bit complicated.

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