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Apple’s mixed reality headset will reportedly cost $3,000, pack two 8K displays

Apple’s plans to dive into the world of augmented reality may go beyond Apple Glasses. The company is reportedly working on a mixed-reality headset that will feature more than 12 tracking cameras and two 8K displays. 

This comes per a report by The information, which spoke to multiple people about the project. According to internal documentation and images cited in the report, we’re talking about a “sleek, curved visor attached to the face by a mesh material and swappable headbands.” 

Based on a drawing by The Information, the Apple headset resembles a pair of goggles than it does a traditional VR headset, like the HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift 2, or Valve Index. 

(Image credit: The Information)

Apple employees describe the new mixed-reality device as a virtual reality headset with augmented reality on top. Because of its multiple camera array, it’s possible to play games with real-world objects using Apple’s in-development headset. 

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