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Nintendo Switch Pro is officially not coming anytime soon

Nintendo has always kept to its own schedule, and that still seems to be the case with a potential Nintendo Switch Pro console. The company has never given an official indication that it’s working on a Switch Pro, Switch 2, Super Switch or whatever else you’d like to call a next-gen version of Nintendo’s hit hybrid platform. Still, that hasn’t prevented rampant fan and industry speculation about what a Switch successor might look like — and how soon we might get it. However, Nintendo has finally stepped in to clarify that if you’ve been waiting for a Switch Pro, you’ll have to keep waiting.

Information comes from Bloomberg, which covered Nintendo’s quarterly earnings meeting. The big takeaway is that Nintendo had an incredibly profitable quarter, largely due to Switch sales. (This will not shock anyone who attempted to get a Switch for the holidays, and found that units were almost as hard to come by as a PS5 or Xbox Series X.) One participant did ask whether Nintendo planned to release a new Switch model, to which the company replied, essentially, “not anytime soon.”

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