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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date, price and rumored features

It’s pretty early to start thinking about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. After all, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which debuted in September, still has that new foldable phone aroma. But try telling the people who circulate phone rumors that we’re a long time away from seeing the successor to Samsung’s impressive — and pricey — foldable device. All you’re likely to hear in reply is more Galaxy Z Fold 3 rumors.

So yes, the first hints of what to expect from the follow-up to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 are starting to percolate, even if we’re a little less than a year away from finally clapping eyes on this anticipated phone. The good news for Samsung: because it so swiftly corrected the flaws that marked the original Galaxy Fold with its foldable sequel, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will likely focus on enhancing what’s already there rather than overhauling the device.

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