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Realme Race Pro could be a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra killer — and it’s launching soon

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could soon be under threat from an unlikely rival: the Realme Race Pro. Not only does this phone have some impressive specs, but it could also launch in less than a month.

That release window is “after the Spring Festival” according to a post from Xu Qi Chase, Realme’s president. Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year as we often call it in the West, begins on February 12 this year, which could point to a launch date in just over three weeks.

Realme is still a fairly new company, and one that hasn’t made landfall in the U.S. yet. However, its offer of well-priced phones with flagship-level parts means it can easily catch your eye.

The post reads: “After the Spring Festival, the “Race” masterpiece is on the stage, there are a lot of High points, and the small bench is placed in advance!” (Image credit: Weibo)

The most recent example was at the end of last year when Realme launched the £279 ($383 converted) Realme 7 Pro, which offered 65W charging. That’s a charging speed only found on the OnePlus 8T in the U.S., which is worth considerably more at $749.

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