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How to use Google Maps: 15 essential tips and tricks

It’s hard to imagine how people got around before Google Maps. Directions had to be memorized, paper maps had to be purchased, and you’d still get lost if you weren’t careful. Thankfully those days are gone, and whether you want to find the best way to commute home, keep track of all your favorite places, or just figure out where you need to be, Google Maps is there to help.

In fact Google Maps does a heck of a lot more than just give you directions. Google adds new features to its Maps offering all the time, whether you need to find the nearest COVID testing site, see how busy the nearest grocery store is, view directions in AR, or take advantage of any number of other hidden gems. Whether you’re a iPhone or Android user, these are all the best Google Maps features, tips and tricks you should start using right now.

Find the nearest COVID vaccination and testing site

(Image credit: Google)

COVID-19 is serious business, so anyone who can get vaccinated should get vaccinated as soon as they can. The problem is finding the place where they’re handing out shots, so Google Maps will show you COVID-19 vaccination sites.

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