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Best Gifts for Drivers 2020

Today’s cars are fitted with some of the most advanced tech we’ve ever seen, from connected dashboards to built-in auto pilot. However, not everyone can afford to splurge on a brand-new automobile. To that end, we’ve listed our favorite gadgets and accessories that will help turn your current clunker into something a bit more high tech. We’ve also thrown a few non-commuting related gifts into the mix that the car lover in your life is sure to appreciate.

Anker Roav Bolt

(Image credit: Anker)

Got an older car without Android Auto? Maybe it doesn’t have any Bluetooth capabilities at all — just a pesky auxiliary port? If so, give Anker’s Roav Bolt a look. This $49 dongle plugs into your car’s 12V power socket and routes audio to your speakers, either wirelessly or through a 3.5-millimeter cable, to add hands-free Google Assistant voice functionality.

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