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HP ENVY 6000 Series: A printer for all your devices

We’ve all had that one printer – the old one we got a decade ago, maybe for free when we bought a computer. It’s got about as much dust on top of it as it has ink inside of it. We’re lucky if it prints out a few pages without jamming. And, we can’t find drivers for it, so it only works with one device in our house over an old USB cable. That’s a past that should be erased, and the HP ENVY 6000 Series printer can do the erasing.

The HP ENVY 6055 takes printing into the modern-day. It has a stylish, minimalist look with smooth faces and curved edges that fit right in with the smartphone and ultrabook aesthetics you’d find nowadays. The printer has also replaced the commonly seen LCD display with a discreet and subtle touch interface that makes for simple navigation. And, better still, there’s no old USB cable necessary.

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