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Best Verizon phone plans for 2021: Unlimited, prepaid and more

It should be simple to find the best Verizon phone plan, but each step of the process seems to invite more questions. Should you get unlimited data or save money with tiered data? If unlimited data is the way to go, which one of Verizon’s four different options is best? And what perks does each plan offer to help you figure out if you’re getting the biggest benefit out of your monthly rate?

After going over the wireless carrier’s various options, we’ve found the best Verizon phone plan, though ultimately, the choice comes down to how you use your smartphone. For most customers, though, an unlimited plan is the better choice, with Verizon’s Play More offering the most attractive balance of price and perks since Verizon includes free access to a number of streaming services as part of your subscription.

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