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Best computers in 2021 | Tom’s Guide

The best computers offer power and affordability right on your desktop, with systems ideal for everything from daily web browsing to photo and video editing, and even gaming and VR. Whether you want the uncluttered design of an all-in-one computer, the compact size of a mini PC or a gaming PC that can handle the latest titles with ease, we’ve got you covered. Be it PC to Mac, these are the best desktop computers we’ve reviewed.

Choosing the best computer for you is about finding the desktop PC that fits your needs, and we’ve got recommendations for systems that will meet your budget, give you power for content creation, and even affordable systems for projects and education. We’ll walk you through the technical stuff, explaining what you need and what features you want most. From our rigorous testing to our in-depth reviews, we’ve got the advice you need to find the best computer for you.

What are the best computers?

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