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iPhone XR vs iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max: What Should You Buy?

Some are still debating iPhone XR vs XS — yes, even as Apple’s released another new generation of its iPhones, and long since moved the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max off its shelves, the company’s older iPhones are still great, and available elsewhere, making them a compelling alternative for those who want an iPhone without breaking the budget — which the new iPhone 12 models may.

The iPhone XR, though, is the sole 2018 iPhone that Apple hasn’t removed from its lineup, outlasting the Oct. 2020 iPhone 12 launch. So, while many would have bet money that Apple would have killed it off, Apple kept it around — and made it cheaper than ever. We’ve already pitted the XR (pronounced “ten-R”) against Apple’s latest budget phone in our iPhone SE vs iPhone XR face-off. 

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