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The best new robot vacuums at CES 2021

Robot vacuums are getting smarter and smarter — and pricier, too. At CES 2021, a handful of companies have debuted their newest robot vacuums for this year. All feature multi-floor mapping, virtual walls and some serious intelligence. That should not only make them better at avoiding cords and socks lying on the floor, but more efficient at cleaning up after you and your pets. 

There aren’t very many new robot vacuums being introduced at this year’s CES, but the ones we’ve seen all have some interesting new features. Here’s a look at the robot vacuums coming later this year. Which of these will make it to our best robot vacuums page? We can’t wait to test them out.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+

(Image credit: Samsung)

It’s been a few years since Samsung released a new robot vacuum, and it seems the company has been hard at work. The Samsung Jetbot 90 AI+ uses a LiDAR sensor and a 3D sensor along with object recognition and Intel artificial intelligence to identify objects and navigate around them. The company even says it can spot and avoid pet waste. That’s something we’d have to see. 

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