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Xbox Series X controller now comes in stunning red

The Xbox Series X controller is a lot like the console itself: a conservative upgrade, but a smart one. While the Series X controller is almost exactly like its Xbox One predecessor, it features a better D-pad, textured grips, improved shoulder buttons and a USB-C port for charging. However, the Xbox Series X controller will soon have one major advantage over its predecessor: a slick red-and-white colorway.

Microsoft announced the Xbox Wireless Controller – Pulse Red in a blog post, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The device is identical to the black, white and blue Xbox Series X controllers currently on the market, save for the fact that it’s a bright, gorgeous red on the front with a stark white plate on the back for contrast. Like other Series X controllers, it works with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, streaming players — you name it.

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